Social Media Conference

I think that social media is the next big thing and it is the future of news and information dissemination. There is however a lot of things that people and agencies need to look into about this and in my opinion, experts in the field of media should look into it now before people get used to what they are doing right now. There must be a social media conferences that must be organized not only regionally but also both country wide and world wide.

It is indeed refreshing to note that  Social Media Summit 2010 is taking place right now in the USA. In the UK, a four day Social Media gathering in London was so overbooked that a second gathering was quickly put together very successfully.

These conferences should not only invite the industry bigwigs but also people like me who subscribe to information from social media and also people who engage in social media practices. For me, it is absolutely refreshing to finally have the chance to say what we think and to have an audience for it. It is also refreshing in turn to finally be able to know what other people think, people beyond our circle of friends and acquaintances. This is the opportunity that social media has given us: the chance to share ourselves.

But in recent months, people have come to rely on social media for their information and news. It is however important to realize that no matter how much well written a piece is, it does not have the credibility that news and information that came from official agencies have.

There is however no doubt that Social Media is fast taking over the “Buzz “ creation while the journalists concentrate more on the validation. Social media cannot be stopped though and the only way to make this work, in my opinion, is to organize conferences that will gather all the people involved and get them to talk and engage in a dialogue. That way, information from social media can be sieved through and monitored without compromising freedom of speech.



Social Media Company

With how popular social media has become in recent years especially during this year with the boom of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, people have begun to see the potential income from this new piece of media. Besides all the new social media platforms that have begun to mushroom on the world wide web, there are also companies that have been created to take advantage of the buzz that social media sites create.

One such kind is a social media marketing company that is designed to ensure that products and services of their clients have presence in various social media networks and platforms.  These marketing companies create videos that are uploaded for promotion, online activities and even blog posts that are meant to inform and educate consumers about their products. And as a testament to how social media has become a legitimate platform for advertisements, there are even companies whose sole service is to measure the performance of social media sites and compare advertisement and product exposure against traditional media in print and broadcast.

Examples of these companies are the following: Buzzlogic, Nielsen BuzzMetrics, MotiveQuest, Technorati & Edelman, Onalytica, Market Sentinel, CIC Data (a Chinese company), BrandIntel, Umbria , Kavaa, Unica, Factiva, MediaMiser, Biz360, Politizbuzz ( a French company), Wavemetrix and Radian6 (UK), Integrasco (Norway), and Gala (Japan).  The creation of these companies (and their sheer number) only go to show that social media is a hit among people and that companies are starting to notice the possibilities that lie in advertising and marketing their products in social media sites.