Social Media Marketing Services

It is exciting to know that a new form of media is taking shape and this media can hold a  wide range of possibilities for marketing the products and services of clients; but in the same breadth, it is also worrisome to know that social  media does not have any form of restrictions or rules for marketing services and products. Don’t get me wrong. It is a good thing that finally after decades, centuries even, of keeping mum over issues, ordinary people are finding their voice and getting those voices heard.

It is good that we now have the freedom to say what we feel and have that communicated to other people all over the world. But as a marketing practitioner for many years, I am also worried that social media may eventually be used by unscrupulous individuals to promote their services underhandedly and worst still, give false information. Right now, social media marketing services are beginning to boom. Companies are working double time to make sure that they stay ahead in the game.

Unfortunately, some have resorted to promoting their products and services by putting in false blog posts and forum comments. How is this done? They just create multiple accounts on their websites and make several positive comments about the product or service. Consumers who do not know better would naturally assume that the comments came from different people. Some even resorted to putting negative information about the products and services of their competitors. And since there is no law against doing this, they have the freedom to engage in such practice. It is cutthroat I guess but business need not be so.

You would have read from my various posts in the past that I am a strong advocate of increased dialogue to establish greater understanding and bring about some guidelines to bring about more credibility. The new conferences and seminars throughout USA and even in UK is a good sign that the move is beginning to take place. In the meantime, we could all contribute to the desired end goal by being more responsible even if our competitors aren’t being so.



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