Social Media Education

I don’t want to sound snooty or be a snob but I believe that there are a number  of  bloggers and so called social media people who seriously need to have some form of training  not only in their use of the language but also in the way they report their news.

Not only because Social Media is fairly new but also because it has tremendous potential  that I feel that people need to get some kind of social media education first and find out what exactly social media is and how it can impact the world. I guess, few people who post and blog away, guess at how much their short prose can change a world. If they know the power and potential of Social Media , I don’t think that they will look at it lightly or post things without really thinking about it first or verifying the information unless of course they are doing it deliberately to mislead people or to misinform them.

And this is not some conspiracy theory that I have cooked up. It is entirely possible for some people to use social media to further their own agenda. You have to remember that blog posts are anonymous and though it is completely traceable, the government will not waste time using their resources to trace a post unless it is some threat to national security.

The point I like to make is that while it is completely ideal for people who want to use it to promote their products or promote someone quite legitimately and that is a good thing, it could also be used to destroy the reputation of someone or something or start a gossip quite maliciously too. It is so easy at present. With time, I am sure sanity will prevail, especially as people get more educated on the correct use of this great platform to conduct and promote businesses. Experts have actually realized this fact and have called for conference  and increased dialogue or some way to provide education for social media practitioners and subscribers.



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