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Social media is one of those new terms that has kept most people in a state of query until they are “shown” what it is and they say “ahhh.” Many people I have spoken to often say,”I  did not know what social media was until a friend pointed out that I am actually using it and doing it. I just didn’t know that there is a term for it already. To people,who also did not know, here’s a simple enough explanation.

SL552451Social media is the newest kind of way that we present and pass along information. It used to be the newspaper, where people found out about the latest information and news about the world. We called newspapers, the print media. Then came the radio and then the television, which we called broadcast media. Now, we get information from another source, from the internet. But hey, don’t get confused. Social media does not refer to internet news sites. They are part of what is called the online media.

Social media refer to the information that we get from other people.

We get them from their blog posts, like what I am writing right now. We get them from the status that we post on our facebook and twitter accounts. We get them from videos that we contribute to websites as citizen journalists. These are information and news that are passed along and communicated through social interaction. This is what social media is all about: interaction. It democratizes media and puts the power to give news from the hands of a couple to the hands of the many or communities.