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Debating what Social Media is-What matters most…..(read on)


You may have already heard of the word social media but for the life of you, you just can’t figure out what social media is. Social media refers to the method or medium of transferring information from one person to another through social interaction.This is pretty broad, in my opinion, because virtually everything that we do can be deemed social interaction. So although most people would attribute social media to the use of the internet to express how we feel about certain issues— through blog articles, twitter updates and facebook statuses,  blog posts and forum posts and even this post I am just writing— many still maintain that social media is not really all that new.

In fact, according to some media experts, social media has actually been present for decades now. We are just not aware that it is. For instance, public speaking and demonstrations are said to be forms of social media. The same goes with slogans that are used in rallies. Even street preaching and person to person marketing which are often used to market credit cards are also forms of social media. And maybe they are right in defining what they believe social media is. After all, when you really look into its definition, anything can constitute social interaction. And admit it, those mentioned above do transfer information through a form of social interaction.

But for me, whether or not it has been around for decades or just years is not really the issue. The issue is whether it is the future of news media. People have increasingly relied on social media for their information and sometimes even news stories. I think this is what people should be debating on.