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My Promise:

Selvasblog.com is just one of five totally integrated websites that has been created using the four pillars of Social Media Strategies – Communication, Collaboration, Education and Entertainment. While this method of creating the web presence makes it quite selvaunique, I hope you find my implementation of the social media strategies do improve communication, encourage collaboration, helps in your education and lastly but importantly keeps you entertained.

There are a great deal of free articles, audios, videos and special links to other valuable content. While browsing through the five interlinked websites I have one important message for you:

Please remember those who are less fortunate than yourself.

As for my part,my promise to you is that 10% of the profits from these five sites will go to charitable organisations striving to prevent abuse of children. Another 10% will go to help the elderly to live with dignity. Yet another 10% will go to fund the cost of training provided by my European Internet Academy in order to help young people to move from either unemployment or dead-end-jobs to the lucrative social media based Internet Online Business of their own.

This is my passion and I hope I could share it with you in the days, months and years to come through communication, collaboration, Education and Entertainment.

To your success!

God Bless


Selva Sugunendran

Selva Sugunendran CEng, MIEE, MCMI,  CHt, MIMDHA, MBBNLP is an Integrated Systems Business Consultant, Internet Marketer  Master NLP Practitioner and a Social Media Evangelist.

He originally qualified in the UK with a degreeselva in Electronics Engineering. He subsequently became a professional Chartered Engineer as well as a Chartered Manager.

He worked for major organisations in the UK including GEC, Plessy, Racal, EMI and Thorn. He held senior Management positions including General Manager status within the EMI organisation.

In 1985, he decided to form his own Company in IT based Integrated Systems Software Development. His Computer based Solutions were installed in major Blue chip Companies including BMW, Rolls Royce, Virgin Atlantic, Lloyds of london as well as prestigious Ministry Of Defence Sites.

During all this time he analysed and wrote detailed specifications and presented to the client Companies. His ability to put into words the complex solutions in an easily understandable manner has always been one of his greatest strengths.

Since selling his last Company to a major Group in 2006, he works as a Consultant in Business Solutions as well as Internet Marketing.

He has set up a website to sell a number of EBooks and is currently writing a number of articles for publication.The articles cover various fields including Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Personal Empowerment as well as Credit Crunch /Financial matters.

After running his own IT-based Companies in the UK for 25 years, he now enjoys helping others succeed in life through learning new technologies such as Internet Marketing and Social Media Techniques.

He also supports charitable organisations helping the very young from abuse and the very old to live with dignity.


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